Kingsborough is the creative vision of Canberra developer John Gasson, who set out to build a community precinct that explored Kingston’s industrial heritage. He worked with a team of five architecture firms to bring it to life, each designing a unique building in response to the concept. John is the founder of award-winning building and project management group Construction Control. 

But, underneath the obvious affinity for architecture, Kingsborough’s build meant more to John. Growing up in the area, rowing in Kingston as a child, made him want to create something special for the Causeway. John crafted the Woolstore to pay homage to the beauty of the Kingston area. With its turret tops, recycled brick arches, and metal and glass facades, the Woolstore looks as though it would fit right in a Kingston streetscape gone by.


Like the ecosystem of our nearby wetlands, life is a whole lot better when diversity thrives. So we threw away the cookie-cutter mould and created a community that’s full of exciting differences – just like the people who will live within it. The homes within Kingsborough are diverse, so they allow for flexibility and a range of affordability. From families to young groups of housemates, neighbourhood residents from all walks of life can settle in comfortably. And add to the variety of culture and lifestyle within the community.